When two worlds collide…

A Classical World of Reductionism colliding with a Quantum World of Entanglement

From an Age of Reason to an Age of Quantum Entanglement

“When problems are difficult blurt something out and then you have something to try and fix – and that’s the first maxim of oversimplification…. You then have something you can look at, study, think about, fix and throw away … that’s what evolution does. Oversimplify and then self monitor…

To live is to flow and evolve.

The emergence of Classical Models of Reality through abstraction and logic

John is a human

All humans have brains

Therefore, John has a brain

We were no longer at the centre of the Universe.

A binary world of logic, causality, mathematics, reason, truths and certainty that led to an explosion of new knowledge, technologies and economic prosperity.

A shift beyond the previous evolutionary frameworks of human consciousness of the archaic, magic and mythic.

The return of Uncertainty

Quantum Mechanics challenged our understanding of the Universe. A theory of all scale, large and small.

It represented a shift in scientific inquiry from Reductionism to System Thinking.

A paradox emerged between our ability to predict and observe.

We were no closer to explaining the nature of Reality as our logic and mental models collided with the uncertainty of quantum systems.

Or can the Copenhagen Interpretation and the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle be simply explained by our Classical Aristotelian Logic of Consciousness ( our prevailing perception of reality) – originating some 2300 years ago – colliding with the Quantum Mechanics of Reality?

The limits of logic that Kurt Gödel outlined in 1931.

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