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The Universal Structures of Reality

“The purpose of Logic was to develop a system of thought that could be able to distinguish between Good and Bad Reason “ …

“People think that mathematics is complicated. Mathematics is the simple bit, it’s the stuff we can understand. It’s cats that are complicated”…

- John Conway

“Bad reasoning as well as good reasoning is possible; and this fact is the foundation of the practical side of logic”…

- Charles Sanders Pierce

“Abduction is the process of forming an explanatory hypothesis. It is the only logical operation which introduces any new idea; for induction does nothing but determine a value and deduction merely evolves the necessary consequences of a pure hypothesis”…

- Charles Sanders Peirce

Reductionism as opposed to emergence.

Symmetries as opposed to breaks in Symmetries.

Rationalism with Empiricism

Idealism with Pragmatism

The Semantic, Geometric, and Algorithmic Mind

Abduction, Induction, and Deduction

Experience, Perception, and Abstraction

The Reflexive, Transitive and Symmetric.

Universal Mental World & Material World Structures of Reality.

“Without the application of the Principle of Symmetry to the Quality of Reason — all that is left is a “Marketplace of Ideas” — a relativism of Ground Truths and Ground Motives …

- The Complexity Void

“Intelligence, Data Science, Learning and Reason all require the integration of our Mental World and Material World.

An Embodied Abstraction.

The application of the Principle of Symmetry and the Quality of Reason” …

- The Complexity Void


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