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In search of Ground Truths…

Navigating our Material World

“If knowledge is information that has causal power”

— Are algorithms knowledge?

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…“In the course of my life, the more I concerned myself with physics, I realised that actually I was a “meta-physicist”.

An then I increasingly played with that idea.”[10]…

“And if you ask me: “My dear Heinz von Foerster, what is meta-physicist?”, I would say the following:

There are questions among those we ask about the world that it is possible to answer: “Heinz von Foerster, how old are you?”Well, you can look that up in a catalog: Born in 1911, that means he is 90.

Or you can ask questions which cannot be answered, like for example:”Heinz von Foerster, tell me, what was the origin of the universe?” Well, then I could give you one of 35 different theories”...

…“ there are so many different hypotheses because the question cannot be answered[10]”…

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…“How can we let a world-wide networked system of machines grow more or less into infinity, if it based on theories that apparently have holes or are only “good stories”.

I mean such shaky foundations?

Isn’t that dangerous?

Well in this world-wide functioning system of machines all theories are correct[10]”...

“And of course that's what people want.

And why are they correct?

Because they can be deduced from other theories and “stories”

But what will it lead to?

How does it go on?

It goes on deducing indefinitely.

But there have to be limits somewhere?

No, not at all, thats the good thing about it. You can go on forever.

In logic…

Yes, precisely..

But in reality?

Where is reality?

Can you show it to me?[10]”…

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The evolution of Machine and Deep Learning

“At its heart, Wolframs new approach is a computational picture of the cosmos — one where the fundamental rules that the universe obeys resemble lines of computer code. This code acts on a graph, a network of points with connections between them, that grows and changes as the digital logic of the code clicks forward one step at a time”…

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However, if we don’t incorporate within our emergent frameworks for these complex systems self-reflexive feedback loops anchored in our lived experience and alternative perspectives, including ethics, morals, values — we run the risk of shaping a dystopian future.

A world dominated by Algorithms and Systems of Machines.

A world where we possibly believe that we have somehow overcome the limits of the Human Condition – the limits of deduction and knowing – outlined by Meta-Physicist Heinz von Foerster.

A Reality Gap.

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The 5 largest Technology companies in the United States already represent in excess of 30% of the S&P 500 Index.

Deeper and deeper data lakes generated by the internet and ever increasing computation & memory are fuelling the Machines and generating new generations of Algorithms.

Biology and Medicine are increasingly converging with Digital Code & Computation.

Digital Platforms and Ecosystems have become the new Business Models.

Algorithmic Trading has increasingly become the dominant form of harvesting short term “value” in the Financial Markets.

An anthropomorphic narrative has emerged that Artificial Intelligence may replace Humans — Artificial General Intelligence – fast approaching Singularity .

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A Model of the World anchored in abstraction, simplicity & algorithms in contrast to a Real World anchored in the shared lived experience, complexity and interdependencies.

A shift from the Tangible to the Intangible

A new world order where power shifts from Energy to Information — where data and surveillance are the new oil

A world where our Digital and Real Worlds collide and the Reality Gap is expressed through volatility

A world where Algorithms become the primary form of competitive advantage

A world where Intelligence is “Artificial”

“The need for reason is not inspired by the quest for truth but by the quest for meaning”…

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A Harmony[35] between our Ground Truths and Ground Motives.

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