Degrees of Freedom in an Unfolding Reality

“How can the events in space and time which take place within the spatial boundary of a living organism be accounted for by physics and chemistry?

“The adjacent possible is a kind of shadow future, hovering on the edges of the present state of things, a map of all the ways in which the present can reinvent itself…[the adjacent possible] captures both the limits and the creative potential of change and innovation”…[19]

“If such a tiny fraction of the potential diversity of proteins of length 100 have ever felt the sun’s warmth, then there is plenty of room for human explorers to roam. Evolution can have sampled only the tiniest reaches of “protein space.” And since selection tends to stick with the useful forms it finds, evolution’s search has probably been even more restrictive”…

- Stuart A. Kauffman, At Home in the Universe

Welcome to emergence.

A break in Symmetry – these Universal Structures & Patterns – is Emergence


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